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Forest Canine 
Massage & Wellness

Helping all dogs live comfortable, happy and active lives!

Are  you ready to prevent injury, reduce pain, improve mobility & boost the wellness of your canine companion?

It is the worst feeling in the world when our four-legged friends become injured, look old beyond their years, are diagnosed with a medical condition or are suffering with pain.  

My name is Jess, Canine Massage Therapist and dog mum to Woody & Meeko. My aim is to help all dogs live comfortable, happy and active lives through MASSAGE & WELLNESS.

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How I Can Help You ?


Read about: Muscular Injuries, Orthopaedic Conditions, Silent Pain, Shows & Events, and so much more!

Recent Testimonials

Client Feedback

"Tally continues to move better than she did before her initial massage a year ago, and even breaks into a canter on occasions which she had completely stopped doing.

I would recommend Forest Canine Massage to anyone, it has really helped Tally to keep mobile and enjoy her daily walks of up to three miles, which at nearly 14 I think is quite remarkable."

Kathy & Tally (13yr Golden Retriever)

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