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Hello, my name is Jess!

I am a highly skilled, Canine Massage Therapist who has a deep love and passion for helping dogs lead a more comfortable, active and happier life (scroll down to read my story). I live in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire with my partner and six dogs and I am the proud founder of Forest Canine Massage & Wellness. 


Through my experience as a Canine Massage Therapist, I have witnessed first-hand the positive effects simple lifestyles changes and canine massage therapy can have on our beloved dogs. I specialise in helping dogs of all ages, from young, active, working dogs with soft tissue injuries and performance issues, to middle-aged dogs that seem old before their time, as well as elderly dogs suffering with orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis. My expertise enables dogs to live a more comfortable, active, happier life for longer.

me massaging barney.jpeg

The dog that changed my life!

This is my dog Woody. Isn’t he handsome!


Woody is the reason I trained and studied hard for 2 years with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre to become a Canine Massage Therapist.

Woody is the reason I set up Forest Canine in the Forest of Dean. (He loves the woods!) 


Woody is the reason that I aim to provide the best quality and compassionate care possible for dogs of all ages and breeds in the comfort of their own home.


Woody is the reason I am dedicated to bringing awareness of why over 50% of dogs are suffering with silent (chronic) pain and why it is my mission to help owners recognise the subtle signs of pain.    


Woody is the reason I am passionate about increasing your dog’s happiness, well-being, and longevity.


Woody gives me the motivation, every day, to keep striving and pushing forwards!


My life story would be very different without Woody!

I have always enjoyed the company of dogs (more then humans if I’m honest) and I was very lucky as a child to grow up with so many different dogs. So, when I left home and joined the “adulting” world it soon became apparent that I could not function without a dog.

Woody (German Pointer x Springer Spaniel) came into my life when he was 10 weeks old.

Just look at those big, long ears and huge paws!

The Active Years!

It soon became apparent that as Woody was growing up, a walk around the block every day and a run around the fields wasn’t going to be enough to meet his zest for life. He needed more!

This is when I discovered the world of Flyball and Canicross! I joined the Somerset Scrumpys Flyball team and the Forest of Dean Canicross group. We spent many years completing all over the country, shouting “Ready! Ready! Ready!” Getting plastered in mud, waking up at silly o’clock in the morning, camping in all weather conditions and having an absolute blast together!


A Chance Encounter!

During Woody’s active years I became acutely aware of his wellbeing and the important of maintaining his fitness and health.


By chance, I met Catherine Ryan, during a Caincross run. She turned up in her van and the graphics along the side read, “Dogs Body.” At the time I had no idea what that meant, but little did I know what that first, chance encounter would mean and the path it would lead me down.

The Turning Point!

I started visiting Cath a few times a year for maintenance sessions. By this time Meeko (Pyrenean Sheepdog - Smooth Face) had joined our family. I was amazed at the issues my dogs were harbouring that I was not even aware of. This included back strains, trigger points and restricted range of motion. My boys were showing no obvious signs of discomfort or injury yet after just one session they had more energy, and increased mobility & flexibility. Woody was pulling stronger and faster in his canicross harness and Meeko had improved performance in the agility ring. This was when I truly started believing in Clinical Canine Massage Therapy and the benefits it can have.

To support my dogs even further I attended a one-day massage workshop called ‘K9 massage for agility and sporting dogs.’ This confirmed to me that this is what I wanted to do as a career. I enrolled on the Clinical Canine Massage Practitioner Programme, that same year and the rest they say is history.

woody massage with cath.jpeg
meeko massage with cath.jpeg

Back to the present day!

Woody is now 11 years old and enjoying his retirement years. Unfortunately, all dogs age however I am so grateful that I have the skills, knowledge and experience to be able to support Woody in his golden years, so that he can live a fulfilled and happy life for as long as possible.

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