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Sponsorship - Michelle Waugh

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Forest Canine Massage is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring Michelle Waugh and her competing dogs Otto, Dylan and Alvin.

Michelle Waugh runs Chazak Agility Training and has been competing in agility for over a decade. She has been successfully competing at championship level for several years, with her multiple dogs, qualifying and competing at major events.

Keeping her dogs in the best condition possible is of paramount importance to Michelle. This includes ensuring they are physically and mentally prepared for such a demanding sport. Repetitive, intense training and competition puts a strain, even on the fittest of dogs. Forest Canine Massage is committed to providing regular maintenance massage sessions throughout the year for Michelle’s competing dogs. These sessions will not only enhance performance but act as a vital tool for detecting and treating early muscle dysfunction before it becomes an issue.

Michelle’s testimonial

“Thankfully, Jess has been treating my dogs for the past year and has helped prepare them for competitions including prestigious events such as The Kennel Club Agility Stakes. She has a fantastic, patient nature which allows my dogs to relax and enjoy her treatments so that they can benefit fully from their massage.”

Forest Canine Massage wishes Michelle and her dogs every success for the 2022 agility season!

Photo credit – Anne-Marie Waugh & Yulia Titovets

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