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Sponsorship 2023 - Michelle Waugh

Forest Canine Massage is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring Michelle Waugh and her competing dogs Alvin, Otto and Solo for another year!

Michelle Waugh

Michelle Waugh runs Chazak Agility Training and has been competing in agility for over a decade. She has been successfully competing at championship level for several years, with her multiple dogs, qualifying and competing at major events.

Keeping her dogs in the best condition possible is of paramount importance to Michelle. This includes ensuring they are physically and mentally prepared for such a demanding sport. Repetitive, intense training and competition puts a strain, even on the fittest of dogs. Forest Canine Massage is committed to providing regular maintenance massage sessions throughout the year for Michelle’s competing dogs. These sessions will not only enhance performance but act as a vital tool for detecting and treating early muscle dysfunction before it becomes an issue.

Meet the Boys

Alvin – is a seven-year-old Border Collie. He had a successful 2022 competing in Grade 7 classes, winning many of them and making it to several championship finals. Additionally, he was a finalist in the KC Agility Stakes.

Otto – is a four-year-old Border Collie. He progressed from grade 4 – 7 last year and made a few championship finals. Otto did one better than Alvin last year by making he debut at the Agility Stakes semi-finals at the London International Horse Show.

Congratulations to Alvin, Otto and Michelle for their 2022 achievements!

New Boy on the block!

Meet Solo, he has a very different character from Michelle's other competing dogs. Although he has a serious demeanour, Solo can still be quite goofy and immature. Unlike the other dogs, Solo lacks focus and drive, making him more challenging to train. Despite his difficulty in learning new skills, Solo is quick to grasp concepts and is eager to work. However, his independent streak and tendency to become bored easily have added to the training difficulties. Michelle, has no specific expectations for the 2023 season. Instead, her focus will be on helping Solo gain confidence and experience in the ring and to finish his training.

Happy Retirement Dylan

At just over 9 years of age Michelle took the decision at the end of the 2022 agility season to retire Dylan from competition.

Dylan has had many success during his agility career including:

  • Competing and winning at grade 7 for many years

  • Competing in many championships finals

  • Competing at Olympia in 2016, 2017, 2019

Michelle says;

“Dylan has always been the one I can rely on that when I shout “go”, well you blinking well go. Although there will be no more agility, I known that he will continue to run his heart out walking (his favourite place to be).”

Forest Canine Massage wishes Michelle and her dogs every success for the 2023 agility season!

Photo credit – Anne-Marie Waugh & Yulia Titovets

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